About Aubrey O'Callaghan

Personal Information

  • Name : Aubrey O'Callaghan
  • Born : 1954
  • Gender : Male
  • Nationality : South African
  • Maritial Status : Married
  • Current Residence : Gauteng, South Africa


  • Primary Education : Matric (Grade 12)
  • Tertiary Education : Business Management Diploma (Stellenbosch University)
  • Technical Education : National Technical Diploma (N3) (Springs Technical Collage)
  • Technical Certification : Automotive Machinist and Fitter (Olifantsfontein Trade Test Center)

Programming History

  • I started programming as a hobby in 1985 mainly using various flavours of the BASIC programming language
  • Initially on a Sinclair ZX Spectrum, then a Commodore VIC 20 and a 8086 based PC with Microsoft DOS
  • In 1995 transitioned to MS Windows and MS Visual Basic
  • In 1997 learned HTML and started doing web development on Microsoft based servers using the ASP language and MS Access and MSSql database packages
  • Starting in 1997 I learned the various browser based skills (HTML, CSS, Javascript) and have kept up to date since then (HTML5, CSS3, JQuery)
  • In 2000 I transitioned to LINUX based servers using the MySQL database system and the PHP server development language
  • When I moved to the PHP server development language I was introduced to proper Object Orientated Programming (OOP) and automatically use this development methodology as it has become second nature after more than 14 years
  • Along the way I have learned various other skills (WEB 2.0, SEO, Responsive Page Development - see my Philosophy page for more details) and am constantly learning the latest methods and newest technologies as I am exposed to them
  • And I have fun doing all of this !!!

Website Developer

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Strip your website down to the basics and do a few things really well.

What separates website development from art is that website development is meant to be functional.

If you think math is hard try good website development.

Computer science education cannot make anybody an expert website developer any more than studying brushes and pigment can make somebody an expert artist.